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Hey, my name is Zack Siri, I’m currently working on OpsMaru provides developers with the tools that make it easy to build their own PaaS on their infrastructure.

I believe it’s important that developers have the choice and control over their own infrastructure. It’s important that developers don’t have to choose between an easy but expensive or cheap but requires effort to manage. OpsMaru bridges this gap and makes it easy to run your own self-service Platform as a Service.


The ability to turn your servers into serverless in a matter of minutes will bring about new ways of doing computing to the world. Imagine the following:

Yes I’m talking about the next big shift in computing.

When we drive our car to get to our destination, we don’t think about the road. We know it’s there, we know when we need to cross the river there is a bridge there to support us. We focus on getting to our destination without worrying about the infrastructure between us and our destination. That’s what I believe software infrastructure should be, seamless and invisible to our experience.